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Can't decide what to cook or order? Do the smart thing! Choose Ready-to-Eat to beat your hunger!

Zero Preservative

No Added Colors

Fresh From Farm


Premium Quality

No Artificial Flavor

Explore Our Range

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Ready to Cook Gravy

TSK Ready to Cook products are made with just the right amount of spices and other ingredients to ensure that you get that authentic flavour every time. Simply cook it with paneer/vegetables and serve. In about 5-10 minutes, you'll have a fantastic real meal.

TSK Baking Pre-Mixes

Now you can make your homemade cakes even better with TSK's fantastic range of Bakery Premix. Chocolate Premix, Vanilla Premix, Red Velvet Premix, and Bread Premix are among the Bakery Premixes we offer.

TSK Sweets

Who doesn't like sweets, and India has a wide variety of them. TSK offers Gulab Jamun, Peanut Halwa, and Rasgulla, among the traditional canned sweets.

TSK Masala

Spices are the common link connecting us in a nation with so many different cultures and cuisines. At TSK, you will get naturally and finely grinded masalas which are the secret Recipes of Chef Aanal Kotak.