We are TSK Hospitality

All the products are created with utmost detail that represents our Chef's culinary experience, reflecting Indian flavors, and bringing out the best.

Our Infrastructure

Cutting-edge commercial kitchen spanning 10,000 square feet and equipped with automated manufacturing lines providing the ideal solution for HoReCa.

Prepared in Retort Process Technology

TSK food products undergo meticulous preparation through the innovative Retort Process Technology. This advanced method ensures our offerings not only meet the highest safety standards but also retain the rich, authentic flavors that define our culinary excellence.

Freezing Done Right

We prioritize quality with our food products, preserved through cutting-edge Freezing Methods. This ensures the retention of freshness, flavor, and nutritional integrity, guaranteeing a delightful and wholesome culinary experience for our discerning customers.

Packaging Headed by All Women

Our food products' packaging is led by an all-women team, ensuring utmost hygiene and precision. Empowering women in every step, we prioritize cleanliness, professionalism, and attention to detail, delivering products with care and dedication.

Accurate Quality Check

All our products are expertly checked, undergo rigorous quality checks, utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest standards in taste, freshness, and safety.

The Artful Journey of Crafting Delectable Food Products

Step Inside the Creative Process of TSK Hospitality's Culinary Wonders, from Conception to Consumption.

The Creators

As the visionary of TSK Hospitality, Chef Aanal Kotak is a culinary maestro known for transforming F&B industry. With a passion for innovation and a keen sense of global flavors, Chef Aanal has curated an impressive portfolio of restaurants that transcend boundaries.

Aanal Kotak

Bhavik Kotak plays a pivotal role in the strategic financial management of the organization. With a commitment to fiscal responsibility, he navigates the complex financial landscape, contributing to TSK Hospitality's success as a prominent player in the culinary industry.

Bhavik Kotak

With a dynamic approach to sales and marketing, Nipam leads initiatives that enhance brand visibility and customer engagement. His expertise in logistics ensures seamless operations, from sourcing to delivery, contributing to the efficiency of TSK Hospitality's global expansion.

Nipam Thakkar


Our mission is to revolutionize the FMCG market by crafting a new era of wholesome food. We are committed to delivering products free from artificial colors and preservatives, relying on actual natural preservatives like salt, sugar, and oil. Our dedication to transparency is unwavering, as we aim to redefine the perception of taste associated with synthetic food. Through the seamless integration of genuine natural produce and cutting-edge technology, we strive to offer a market-leading range that not only delights the palate but is also inherently good for health. At the heart of our mission lies the harmonious marriage of natural produce with technology, paving the way for a healthier, tastier future.


To establish TSK as a global culinary ambassador, with our diverse range of products leaving an indelible mark across the world. We aspire to promote the rich tapestry of Indian cuisines, bringing the authentic flavors to every corner of the globe and fostering a connection with every Indian residing overseas. Our commitment to exemplary customer service and unwavering customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our vision, as we strive to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our patrons. With every product, our aim is to bring joy to our customers and make every culinary experience a delightful journey, leaving a trail of happiness in the hearts of our global community.

Our global culinary empire invites you on a journey of diverse flavors. Explore our multiple restaurants, uniting cuisines from across the globe in a spectacular culinary adventure.

Our Brands

Certified Tastes, Trusted Delights

Elevate your trust with TSK's products, proudly certified by the government for uncompromising compliance, safety, and quality standards.