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The Secret Kitchen introduces a delightful ensemble of gravies, pre-mixes, spices and masalas, ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook meals, pre-made recipes, and moreβ€”transforming your kitchen into a haven of sweet and savory delights.

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Ready-to-cook, Sabko Banaaye Chef!

From preparation to your plate, our products maintain the highest standards,
ensuring a consistently premium dining experience.

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The Maestro Chef Aanal Kotak

India's Top Food Entrepreneur & Youngest Celebrity Chef Aanal Kotak has been reigning the F&B industry for more than a decade. From every top Chef’s inspiration to housewives' favorite, Chef Aanal Kotak’s style of creating authentic and traditional Indian recipes is a masterstroke.


Discover a culinary symphony with products handpicked by Chef Aanal Kotak,
blending quality, innovation, and exquisite flavors to elevate your cooking journey to unparalleled heights.
Makkhanwala Gravy (Jain)

Makkhanwala Gravy (Jain)

Regular price Rs. 149.00
Sale price Rs. 149.00 Regular price
Unit price
All-in-one Masala

All-in-one Masala

Regular price Rs. 99.00
Sale price Rs. 99.00 Regular price
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Secrets of a Professional Kitchen by Aanal Kotak
Secrets of a Professional Kitchen by Aanal Kotak

Secrets of a Professional Kitchen

Regular price Rs. 1,695.00
Sale price Rs. 1,695.00 Regular price Rs. 2,260.00
Unit price
Chocolate Baking Pre-Mix

Chocolate Baking Pre-Mix

Regular price Rs. 149.00
Sale price Rs. 149.00 Regular price Rs. 249.00
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Regular price Rs. 379.00
Sale price Rs. 379.00 Regular price Rs. 447.00
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Certified Tastes, Trusted Delights

TSK foods, bearing government certifications, guarantee adherence to the highest standards, ensuring quality, safety, and compliance in every delightful bite.

Aanal's Culinary World

Where Flavors Unite

Step into a world where every dish is magic. Diverse cuisines, one destination. Experience the artistry of Chef Aanal Kotak on your plate.

The Secret Kitchen

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Dil Se Desi, Cooking Main Easy!

Step into a world where every dish is a note in a gourmet symphony. Exquisite flavors unfold in our curated collection of extraordinary special recipes.

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